The Rugby ~ Garden Room

A Garden Room can be anything you want it to be; a home office, a garden room or pool house or even a space for you open up a sunday paper put your feet up and enjoy the view. It can be used by anyone for a variety of different purposes. 

Here at the Oak Designs Co. you can customise any of our standard oak frame buildings to suit your needs, perhaps add a deck to create the ideal retreat, for you to make good use of and enjoy as part of your home, or perhaps you would like to change the sizing or have a roof light.

Here we are looking at the Rugby garden room based on a standard sizing of 3.4m by 3.4m, with gourgeous outward opening full length windows and a window on the side. Ideal in the summer to maximise air flow and sunlight making this a building of beauty to open out onto your garden. The roof design allows a small porch like area that provides cover and space for a veranda. 

For more information on our range of oak framed garden buildings, have a browse on our website or contact our sales team on 01273400411.